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Free Design and Rendering Service Process:

Customer Inquiry

Customers get in touch with us through phone, online chat, or in-person visits, expressing their needs and ideas.

Requirement Analysis

Our professional team engages with the customer to understand their preferences, space requirements, and budget constraints in detail, ensuring a clear grasp of the project's scope and objectives.

Design Proposal

Based on the customer's needs and information, our team of designers begins creating a customized design proposal and produces renderings for the customer to better comprehend the final design.

Design Discussion and Revisions

We share the design proposal and renderings with the customer, gathering their feedback. Necessary modifications and adjustments are made based on their input to ensure the final design aligns with their expectations.

Final Confirmation

Once the customer is satisfied and confirms the design proposal, we provide them with detailed design drawings and a materials list, preparing for the subsequent production and installation phases.

On-Site Measurement and Installation Service Process

Appointment Arrangement

We coordinate with the customer to find the most suitable time and schedule a professional team to visit the customer's home or project site for measurements.

On-Site Measurement

Our measurement team accurately measures the dimensions of the space to ensure that the provided design and products perfectly fit the actual environment.

Installation Preparation

After the production of the products is completed, we schedule the optimal installation time with the customer. Our installation team prepares in advance to ensure that the necessary tools and materials are available.

On-Site Installation

Our specialized installation team visits the customer's home or project site and carries out the installation according to the design drawings and preparations. They ensure proper installation, adhering to design and quality requirements.

Acceptance and Guarantee

After the installation is finished, we conduct an acceptance process with the customer to ensure their satisfaction with our work. We also provide after-sales support, offering assistance and maintenance services in case of any future issues.