Our Craftsmanship and Technology

Integrated sink on the countertop, seamless welding

Integral forming of water retaining edge, prevents water splashing

Embedded nut technique, precise installation

48-fold bending technology, craftsmanship quality

Pressure-Resistant, Minimal Deformation

SUS 304 Food-Grade, Health-Safe,Round corner protection

Our Craftsmanship

Panel Anti-Detachment Technology

Pioneering anti-detachment technology ensures that each door panel remains firmly attached for over a decade, even in high-temperature and humid conditions, maintaining its original appearance.

Integrated Forming and Bending Technique

All panels undergo 48 rounds of precision bending.

High Aesthetics, Versatile Styles

Stainless steel base material complements options like lacquer panels, film-coated panels, and nano crystal panels, creating diverse cabinet series and breaking away from the cold touch of traditional stainless steel products.

In-House Developed Heavy-Load Hanging System

Proprietary trapezoidal hanging system supports weights up to 250 kg, ensuring long-lasting stability and durability for overhead cabinets.

Precision Hole Positioning Technology

Ultra-precision laser-controlled hole positioning minimizes errors to nearly zero. Copper-core fastening bases are placed within the holes, ensuring tight and rust-free connections between screws and cabinet bodies for over 30 years.

On-Site Measurement and Installation Service Process

Food-Grade, Health-Safe

Crafted from 304 food-grade stainless steel, free from pollutants like formaldehyde and benzene, our stainless steel cabinets have obtained certifications from food-grade safety testing agencies, ensuring safe contact with food.

Corrosion-Resistant, Antimicrobial, Rust-Proof

Stainless steel covering both door panels and cabinet bodies prevents external corrosion and maintains a clean, unsoiled interior, protecting against long-term infiltration by stains.

Moisture-Resistant, Lasting Dryness

304 stainless steel utilizes weather-resistant steelmaking techniques, creating a chlorine-resistant protective layer that prevents rust even during prolonged exposure to water.

Pressure-Resistant, Minimal Deformation

Patented honeycomb aluminum layer within stainless steel structures boosts compressive strength and tear resistance by over two times. Additionally, the hexagonal structure of the honeycomb aluminum enhances resistance to deformation, sound insulation, and thermal stability.

Termite-Proof, Durable

Utilizing fibers impenetrable to termites and incorporating no spaces for cockroach entry or reproduction, it provides comprehensive pest resistance and long-lasting durability.


Our Technology

Integrated sink on the countertop, seamless welding.

Full stainless steel cabinet body, high strength and load-bearing.

Gravity suspension technology, exceptional load-bearing capacity.

Snap assembly process, firm and aesthetically pleasing.

Embedded nut technique, precise installation.

48-fold bending technology, craftsmanship quality.

Aluminum honeycomb precision craftsmanship, lightweight and pressure-resistant.

Integral forming of water retaining edge, prevents water splashing.

Antibacterial and anti-rust process, environmentally friendly and healthy.

Integrated sink on the countertop, seamless welding.

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